RES-2022: Second information letter

16th Congress of the Russian Entomological Society

Moscow, August 22–26, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The preliminary registration of the participants of the 16th Congress of the Russian Entomological Society is over. More than 500 applications have been submitted, on the basis of which we have prepared the following preliminary composition of the sections.

You may now submit your abstract, which has to be submitted by March 1, 2022. If you did not have time to register during the preliminary registration, this can be done at any time before the deadline of the abstract submission.

Publication of abstracts and materials of the congress

Abstracts should be submitted on the Lomonosov portalby filling in the online form and uploading the abstract text (which should contain at most 2000 characters, including spaces).

The authors should indicate their preferred form of participation (talk, poster, participation as a listener without a presentation). The organizing committee reserves the right to edit the submitted abstracts, including their titles, as well as reject abstracts that do not comply with the subject or level of the congress. The program committee will consider only those abstracts the main author of which (the prospective presenter) will timely pay the registration fee.

Abstracts and registration fee will be accepted until March 1, 2022. The program of the congress will be published on the Internet by May 15, 2022. The abstract book will be published in electronic form and on paper by the opening of the congress. After the congress, it is planned to publish the materials of selected talks in an expanded form in the Russian-language journal Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie and its English-language version Entomological Review.

Congress languages: Russian and English.

The composition of the organizing committee of the XVI Congress of the RES:

  • Chairman Andrey Selikhovkin (President of REO)
  • Co-Chairs Mikhail Kirpichnikov, Alexey Polilov
  • Secretary Pyotr Petrov
  • Deputy Secretary Anastasia Makarova
  • Committee members: Anastasia Antonovskaia, Sergey Belokobylskij, Tatiana Galinskaya, Anatoly Krupitsky, Yulia Lopatina, Alexey Moseyko, Dmitry Musolin, Olga Ovchinnikova, Evgenia Propistsova
  • The program committee will be formed later.

Preliminary composition of the sections:

  • Section 1. Hemimetabolous Insects
  • Section 2. Coleoptera
  • Section 3. Lepidoptera
  • Section 4. Hymenoptera
  • Section 5. Diptera
  • Section 6. Insect Morphology
  • Section 7. Ecology and Conservation of Insects
  • Section 8. Physiology and Biochemistry of Insects
  • Section 9. Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics of Insects
  • Section 10. Ethology of Insects
  • Section 11. Medical and Veterinary Entomology
  • Section 12. Agricultural Entomology
  • Section 13. Forest Entomology (Readings in Memory of O.A. Kataev)
  • Section 14. Palaeoentomology
  • Section 15. Arachnida
  • Plenary reports will be delivered by Vladimir Lukhtanov, Alexander Rasnitsyn, Zhanna Reznikova, Andrey Selikhovkin and Alexey Tiunov.
  • Types of presentations: general plenary (30 minutes), sectional plenary (20 minutes), regular sectional (10 minutes) and posters.

Arrangement fee

The registration fee includes the cost of one set of a participant of the congress and the cost of the coffee breaks. The fee depends on the category of the participant and is 2,000 rubles for members of the RES and 4000 rubles for participants who are not members of the RES. All participants, including listeners without presentations, must register and pay the registration fee. For undergraduate and graduate students, the fee will be reduced: 1000 rubles for members of the RES and 2000 rubles for those who are not members of the RES. The cost of printing an abstract book on paper is not included in the registration fee. The paper version of the book can be ordered upon payment of the registration fee for an additional fee of 500 rubles for each copy and received at registration.

We remind the members of the RES about the need to pay their debts on membership fees for 2021 inclusive. For information about the debts, please contact Galina Suleimanova (, +7 921 426-56-30).

Requisites for payment of the registration fee

Registration fee can be paid with a card of any bank.
For payment follow the link.
In the message, indicate your category of participant and whether you pay for the paper version of the abstract book for an additional fee.

Principal deadlines and dates:

  • By March 1, 2022: abstract shall be submitted on the portal.
  • By March 1, 2022: the registration fee shall be paid.
  • August 22–26, 2022: the congress will take place.

Main venue:

Faculty of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Information on the Congress:

You are welcome in Moscow!

Organizing Committee of the 16th Congress of the Russian Entomological Society

Organizing committee contacts: +7 (495) 939-16-95, +7 (925) 860-24-71,